Episode 33: Hello Conscious Entrepreneurs

Hello Conscious Entrepreneurs

We're on the third episode of this 'in-between' series.  The mini-series that sits between the original Unfold with Kellee Wynne title and the thing that's just around the corner, that we're still working on, so we share these in-between' episodes with you so that you can continue the journey with us.

In this episode, Kellee shares some of the layers of who she is as a person that has brought her to this point.  She talks about her upcoming trip to Nepal and how she's preparing for it and the experiences that come up because of it and she continues to share her why. In creating the Unfold podcast Kellee was sharing her own unfolding and brought us all on this journey as she tried to pinpoint her exact why.  Of course, the unfolding is ever-evolving for us all, but Kellee found her why and this is to support conscious entrepreneurs.   Kellee holds this concept dear for so many reasons but it boils down to the simple fact, that the better we do, the more we can help others.

These episodes will be published weekly every Monday and will be a reflection of the week past and Kellee's thoughts for the coming week.  We hope that you'll continue with us on this journey and find value in it.

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Donna Holmes

another beautiful, thoughtful and thought-provoking podcast Kellee.  I have been actively catching up on your podcasts today and painting with the #gridjournalling class.  Its been good to just immerse me in listening to the business side whilst enjoying the art-making at the same time

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Team Remarkable (Ineke)

Thank you  @Donna Holmes for your kind comment.  We love to hear back from the community and hear what's resonating with you.  Enjoy the painting and if you're on IG come connect with Kellee for more business focused (and personal) posts https://www.instagram.com/kelleewynne/

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