Episode 37: You are Worthy as You are You are Made Remarkable

You are Worthy as You are, You are Made Remarkable

Welcome back to this 'in-between' series. The mini-series that sits between the original Unfold with Kellee Wynne title and season 2 that will publish in January and where we'll see the podcast with a new title, going in the same direction, but with more focus.  Today's episode gives you a big clue!!!

In today's episode, Kellee get's vulnerable.  She opens up about the lessons this trip to Nepal has taught her, especially about the feeling of being not only out of your comfort zone but out of your safety.   The experience brings up some difficult memories that caused her to build your wall of safety.  I think it's something many of us can relate to and empathize with.   

But the upside of that is reinforcing that we, YOU, are worthy as you are, you are made remarkable.   We all have baggage but if we are authentic and genuine in our approach, we have nothing to fear.   The practice of this is not always easy of course but the first step is the awareness of your worthiness and the barriers you've put up.

Kellee would love to know how this resonates with you, come find her on her personal Instagram.  These episodes will be published weekly every Monday and will be a reflection of the week past and Kellee's thoughts for the coming week.  We hope that you'll continue with us on this journey and find value in it.

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